Handmade pendants from various precious metals and gemstones.

Rhodochrosite pendant

Sterling silver pendant 60 x 43 TRULY ONE OF A KIND!


10K Garnet Heart Pendant

Garnet surrounded by diamond chips in Gold filigree setting


Jelly Opal heart

2 x 2 Jelly Opal heart


Sterling Silver Scorpian Zodiak

Scorpio pendant/medallion


14K Blue Zircon pendant

14K Blue Zircon Look at it's sparkle and color!


14K Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant

Aquamarine and Diamond set in 1K gold


14k 5point Diamond pendant

14K 5 point diamond pendant, perfect to start out in diamonds. Goes with everything!


14K gold Aquamarine

Aquamarine pendant


Citrine Pendants

Both Citrines are the same price, please specify which one you are interested in.


14K Sapphire Cluster

Sapphire cluster in flower shape


large Vermail cross

Link Vermeil cross


Variety of crosses and pendants, prices as marked. Individual pictures coming.

Blue Zircon Heart pendant

Blue Zircon heart pendant with Diamond accent.


10K Amethyst XO Pendant

10K Amethyst XO pendantwith Diamond accents


10K Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

10K Sapphire and Diamond Necklace


10K Blue Topaz Mother and Child

10K Gold mother and child pendant


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